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W4086CW 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine

Logic Front Load Washer

ASKO Front Loading Washing Machine W4086C.W.AU

WELS Registration Number: C01466 

WELS rating: 4.5 stars, 60L/wash. Energy rating: 4.5 stars, 244 kWh per year. 

This model has been approved for the Asthma Council Sensitive Choice endorsement thanks to our SteelSeal solution. SteelSeal provides a more hygienic wash by eliminating the rubber door bellow that can trap dirt and grime, causing mould to build up over time. 

The W4086C has been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award (best of the best)!

Front loading washing machines have become increasingly popular since the turn of the 21st Century. Environmentally friendly front loading machines are the natural choice for home owners who appreciate stylish and energy efficient appliances. ASKO development leads the way with features and functions that save money while minimising wear and tear on clothes. The ASKO W4086C.W.AU Front Loading Washing Machine is an example of the integrated approach, where form and function exist in perfect harmony for a superior wash.

What are the benefits of a front loading washing machine?

Before deciding on an appliance, it’s worth weighing up the advantages of front loading washing machines. ASKO product development has always been user-focused for creation of appliances that are reliable, strong, easy to use and easy on the eye. Here are just a few benefits of front loading washing machines.

A cleaner result without damaging clothes:Front loading washing machines do away with the central agitator necessary in top load washers. Gravity assisted tumble washing of front load machines removes the potential for catching stray threads and ripping clothing, a scenario all too common with their top loading counterparts.

Run fewer wash cycles: As front loaders don’t require a central agitator with large rubber fins, the entire cavity is dedicated to fitting more clothing items inside the machine. In other words, with a front loader you can wash less often, with superior results.

Water and energy saving: On average, front loading washing machines use one-third the amount of water, energy and detergent. The initial investment in ASKO style will be appreciated when you notice savings on water, energy and shopping bills every month.

Reliability: Front loaders have less parts, meaning less chance of the machine malfunctioning or breaking. Reliability also includes harmony with natural gravity tumbling instead of central agitating that is tougher on washing machine hardware.

Quieter operation: ASKO front loading washing machines feature vibration control for stabilising the internal drum, minimising unbalanced rattling for quiet efficiency at any time of the day.

What is the capacity of this washing machine?

The ASKO W4086C.W.AU front loading washing machine has a 1-8 kg capacity and spin speed of 1600 rpm. With a 2000 W heater capacity and 60 litre drum volume the W4086C.W.AU is deserving of its 4.5 star energy rating and 5 star water rating. The machine weighs 75.5 kg, making it an incredibly sturdy and stable appliance capable of handling the toughest wash.

With noise levels of only 77dB maximum, washing can be a household duty that goes on behind the scenes instead of an ear-splitting distraction. ASKO front loading washing machines are also designed for versatility, accommodating every type of wash. Run modes include Normal mode, Green mode, Allergy mode, Speed mode and Intensive mode, ensuring a sparkling clean and healthy wash every time.

What are the programs and functions?

This is where the ASKO W4086C.W.AU really stands out from the competition. An impressive array of programs and functions are easily accessed from the high-definition control panel, allowing you to personalise the washing experience for even the most delicate of clothing items. All expected wash cycles are on offer including tailored selections for everyday wash, cotton, wool/hand wash, dark wash and mix/synthetics. With the W4086C.W.AU your clothing and other items will last for many years, with far superior results to those of older, less efficient appliances.

The ASKO W4086C.W.AU even includes anti-allergy programs for cottons and synthetics, along with super rinse function, super wash and prewash options. Your family’s health is important to ASKO innovators who are dedicated to the best appliance manufacturing for all Kiwi households. Scandinavian style allows form and function to coexist in harmony, including seamlessly integrated features for easy cleaning, allowing your appliance to look showroom fresh at all times.

How much water does a front loader use?

In times where environmentally-friendly solutions are gaining traction, ASKO stands tall. Development of the best front loading washing machines focuses on functionality, with every component designed to fulfil multiple purposes. This includes water-wise solutions that deliver outstanding results without diminishing precious resources. Front loading washing machines use approximately one third the water of upright models, making them the sustainable alternative worth serious consideration.

Are front loaders easy to use?

ASKO front loading washing machines are specifically designed to make life easy while always looking their best. ASKO development includes ergonomic design principles that focus on user convenience, superior wash capabilities and self-cleaning features. ASKO front loading washing machines make life easy from day one with the simple-to-navigate display panel that guides the users for every type of wash. The ASKO W4104C.W.AU makes a real statement, with sleek, seamless construction using sturdy technologies that include SteelSeal doors without rubber components, Quattro shock absorber legs, ActiveDrum automatic cleaning and SensiSave intelligence that automatically adjusts the water level with every load.

General description

Product group: Washing Machine
Installation type: Freestanding
Capacity: 8 kg
Spin speed: 1600 rpm
Number of programmes: 22 programmes
Available colour: White

Programs, options and modes

Wool/hand wash
Dark wash
Time program
Easy care
Drum cleaning
Quick Pro
Anti-allergy program cotton
Anti-allergy program synthetic

Additional options

Spin speed: Adjustable spin speed
Super rinse function
Super wash
High water level
Anticrease system

Run modes

Normal mode, Green mode, Allergy mode, Speed mode, Intensive mode

Construction & Performance

Quattro™ Construction – vibration-free spinning
Door sealing: Steel seal - hygienic door sealing
Long lasting stainless steel drum
Cast iron
Active Drum technology
Heater capacity (W): 2000 W
Precise temperature control (max deviation: +/- 1 °C)
Water level sensor
Drum volume: 60 l
Drum volume: 2,1 cu ft
Durable brushless motor

Use & Flexibility

Easy close door
Slide-in storage for liquid detergent wall
Temperature range (°C): Cold -90c
Door diameter: 31 cm
Door opening angle: 110 °

Interaction & Control

Up to 24 hours
Remaining time indicator
Display type: LCD display
22 programmes

Design & Integration

Door opening: Left
Adjustable feet: 10 mm
Tumble dryer can be mounted on top of washing machine
3/4" Cold water connection
Loading position: Front

Safety & Maintenance

Removable filters
Waterproof bottom plate
Maximized water inlet time
PEX inlet hose
Anti block drain pump
Overflow protection
Emergency door opening key
Lockable control panel
Possible to open door from inside
Unbalance detection
Draining capacity: 20 l/min
Overheat protection
Thermal and electonic protection against overheating

Technical data

Heater capacity (W): 2000 W
Drum volume: 60 l
Water connection: 3/4" Cold water connection
Counter weight material: Cast iron
Counter weight (kg): 10,4 kg
Noise level: 77 dB(A)re 1 pW
Noise level washing: 49 dB(A)re 1 pW
Energy stars: 4,5
Water stars: 4,5
Connection rating: 2200 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Number of phases: 1
Current: 10 amp
Frequency: 50 Hz
Net weight: 75,5 kg
Marked for recycling: Yes
ISO 14001: Yes


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 85 × 59,5 × 58,5 cm
Adjustable feet: 10 mm
Depth with door open: 942 mm
Length electrical cord: 2,3 m
Lenght inlet hose: 150 cm
Length outlet hose: 160 cm

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD): 92 × 64 × 66,1 cm
Gross weight: 78,7 kg
Product code: 592077
EAN code: 3838782021596