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Asko XL front loading washing machine

Deeper than ever before

Compare asko 80L and 60L washing machine drums
The W8844XL boasts a drum that is deeper than Asko’s 7kg & 8kg models (60L). The XL 80L drum’s huge 10kg capacity gives you more room per load and allows you to wash larger items.

Fit more in the Asko 80L washing machine

King size duvet fits in Asko XL washing machine
With its huge capacity, the Asko XL 80L lets you wash large items like duvets, rugs and large down coats at home, meaning fewer trips to the dry cleaner.

Protecting your family

Asko washing machine child safe detergent drawer
The detergent compartment is equipped with a colour coded and child lockable detergent drawer making it safe and easy to use. The machine’s door can also be pushed open from the inside if one of your little ones decides to crawl in.

Efficient and green

Wash more in an Asko 10kg front loading washing machine
In addition to a 5 star energy rating and a 4.5 star WELS water rating, SensiSave adaptive technology in the machine adjusts water consumption and the main wash time to perfectly suit your load, saving both water and energy.