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Asko tumble clothes dryer features

Butterfly drying

Asko butterfly drying
Two paddles inside the machine gently push the clothing in a figure eight, to spread the garments out and allow air to evenly circulate through them. This prevents bundling and minimises creasing in your clothes.

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Asko SensiDry prevents shrinking
SensiDry detects the level of moisture in your clothes and automatically turns off when they are dry. This prevents shrinking while saving energy.

6 Star Energy Rating

Asko 6 star energy dryers
Heat pump technology puts our T754CHP among the most energy efficient dryers in the world, so you’ll save money with every use.

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Double lint filter

Asko tumble dryer double lint filter
Lint impairs the circulation inside the dryer which leads to a higher energy consumption. This is why Asko dryers are fitted with a particularly efficient double filter. This prevents lint from gathering and increases the life span.

Reversible Door

Asko dryer reversible Door
Asko Dryers have a reversible door system that gives you the option of a left or right hinging door, so you have the flexibility to match it to the layout of your laundry.