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Asko rangehood features

Asko rangehoods come with a wide variety of features to make cooking, cleaning, and spending time in your kitchen a more wonderful experience for you and your family.

The features you will enjoy depend on your selected model, but below are some of the features that Asko customers value the most in their rangehoods.  

A simple statement

Asko rangehood installed in new kitchen

With a minimalist design and no obtrusive buttons or dials, our rangehoods are ideal for open-plan living with a selection of styles for different tastes.

These appliances are designed with the same creativity and expertise as all Asko products are. This ensures they can either be made into a stylish centerpiece for your kitchen or integrated seamlessly into your existing décor. It just depends on your kitchen’s design and your personal preferences. 

Rapid fume removal

Asko rangehood fume removal

Every Asko rangehood features a high-power motor for outstanding performance. The four power levels, which include the Boost function, give you the flexibility to choose the right speed for your cooking. 

Enjoy the silence

Asko rangehood noise levels

All our models are designed to create minimal noise. They combine powerful air evacuation with whisper-quite operation, enabling you and your guests to enjoy conversation without interruption or having to shout.

Some models also feature an AirQuiet motor to further minimise noise.

Washable fan filter

Asko rangehood filter

An efficient five-layer filter collects grease and can easily be removed and washed when required. Some Asko concealed rangehoods and AirLogic canopy rangehoods  feature a handy cleaning alarm to notify you when the filter needs washing. 

Asko: The Only Name You Need to Know for Kitchen Appliances

After browsing through our available items online, adding the sophisticated Asko touch to your kitchen is as simple as finding your nearest Asko retailer and choosing your favourite appliances!