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Fusion Volcano Wok Burner

A true wok burner

Asko Volcano Work Burner New Zealand
The Fusion Volcano Wok is different to most wok burners on the market. It generates a vast amount of heat and effectively directs it to the base of the pan, rather than around the sides. 

The Volcano maintains a high temperature even when you add more ingredients to the pan. 

The revolutionary Volcano

True wok burner
As well as having the Volcano function with directed flame for wok cooking, the Volcano burner has an additional outer flame for larger pots and a simmer setting for lower heat cooking. This can be used, for instance, to boil water for pasta or for keeping a small pot containing sauce just below boiling point.


Feature: Direct Flame
Benefit: Faster heat up means no stewing of the food

Feature: Triple your Functionality
Benefit: Simmer burner, Volcano Burner and 19.7 mjhr large pot burner - all in one revolutionary burner

Feature: Exclusive ASKO designed and developed technology
Benefit: Designed to our exact standard in product innovation and quality

The Fusion Volcano Wok Burner is available on the following gas cooktop models:  HG1365GDHG1825ADHG1935ADHG1145ADHG1885SDHG1995SDHIG1995AD