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Pyrolytic Cleaning

Why choose an Asko pyrolytic oven?

Asko self cleaning pyrolytic ovens
Pyrolytic cleaning literally incinerates grease and oil spatters inside the oven. All that remains is fine ash that can be easily wiped away. No scrubbing required. 

The advanced design of ASKO baking trays means they can be left in the oven during the pyrolytic cleaning process.

How does a pyrolytic oven work?

How do Asko pyrolytic ovens work?
During the process of pyrolytic cleaning, the lower and upper heating elements heat the oven up to about 500 °C. 

When the temperature reaches 250 °C, the door is locked for safety. 

As the pyrolytic temperature is reached the fan is activated as well, to ensure even distribution of heat around the whole oven.

After the cleaning process, simply wipe away the fine ash that remains.

Pyrolytic oven safety

Inside an Asko pyrolytic oven

With such high temperatures during the pyrolytic cleaning process safety needs to be a focus.

Safety features integrated into ASKO Pyrolytic ovens include:
• The door locks during the cleaning program. 
• Enhanced door sealing. 
• Four-layer temperature resistant glazed borosilicate glass door, prevents overheating of the exterior (temperature of the exterior glass door is less than 60°C).