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Oven Features

Designed for even heat

The interior cavity of ASKO ovens have been designed and inspired by classic wood-fired ovens. This shape allows for a more even circulation of hot air, resulting in perfect cooking every time.

Capacity for large meals

ASKO ovens allow you to cook more at one time. Our full-width 46cm baking trays, combined with our innovative heat circulation system, allow for larger volumes of food to be cooked evenly. With four cooking levels, your product will give you the space to cook multiple dishes simultaneously with ease. 

Self-cleaning Pyrolytic system

ASKO’s pyrolytic function literally incinerates grease and oil splatters off the inside of the oven. Then you can simply wipe away the fine ash that is left behind. The advanced design of our baking trays mean they can be left in during the pyrolytic cleaning process. 

This feature is only included in pyrolytic models.

Heats up faster

Forget about waiting ages for the oven to reach your desired temperature. With rapid pre-heating, your ASKO model can reach 180°C in just four minutes. A sound and light signal will indicate when the temperature you require has been reached.

Probe for perfect cooking

With ASKO, dry roasts are a thing of the past. Just insert the in-built probe into your meat, set the required temperature, and the oven will automatically switch off when the meal is cooked to perfection. You can even follow the temperature on the display, so there is no need to continually open the door during cooking.