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OP8678G 60cm Pyrolytic Multi Functional Oven

Elements Pyrolytic Oven

ASKO OP8678G Pyrolytic Multi-Functional Oven

Oven improvements have kept pace with technological advances, resulting in a new breed of multi-functional appliances. Elements by ASKO are sophisticated and stylish new ovens that embrace technology to harness their full cooking potential, with the ASKO OP8678G Pyrolytic Multi-Functional Oven a classic example. Top quality pyrolytic ovens heat up to approximately 500°C during pyrolysis (heat) cleaning, creating a super-clean, multi-functional oven with the power to perform all cooking tasks with ease.

Every component of the ASKO OP8678G Pyrolytic Multi-Functional Oven is manufactured using precision technology and first class materials. Only the best stainless steel and ceramic glass is used, while cast iron supports and rich detailing result in a robust and attractive oven. Pyrolytic ovens are the cutting-edge of appliance technology and users are won over, with many people wondering why they tolerated outdated conventional ovens for so long. An ASKO Pyrolytic Multi-Functional oven is perfect for contemporary kitchens where form, function and durability are expected.

Multi-Functional empowerment in the kitchen

Many advantages of an ASKO OP8678G Pyrolytic Multi-Functional oven are immediately obvious. Whereas old-fashioned appliances are single dimensional with few uses, this ASKO oven features 19 different functions, programs and modes to satisfy all cooking requirements, with defrost, plate warming and rapid preheat for additional kitchen convenience. The XL oven cavity is designed to emulate wood fire oven airflow for even cooking, with settings easily personalised using the full colour digital display control panel.

Australians are becoming familiar with international cuisines, and special dietary choices for health and wellbeing are common. As part of the natural evolution, ASKO oven development is progressively geared toward the needs of modern consumers, where form and multi-functionality work hand in hand to create a harmonious living and work space. Convenient cooking is easy with an ASKO OP8678G Pyrolytic Multi-Functional oven that helps plan menus and methods, automatically calibrates oven settings according to user choices, and even stores favourite recipes for easy retrieval at a later date.

ASKO OP8678G Pyrolytic Multi-Functional Oven features

Elements by ASKO includes the sophisticated oven range, where timeless Scandinavian design qualities are enhanced by progressive manufacturing and technology. These ovens are specially created to be attractive and hard-wearing kitchen helpers that continue looking good and functioning seamlessly for many years. The clean lines, smooth finish and minimalist approach to modern kitchen design is superbly complemented by ASKO multi-functional ovens that introduce the entire family to new ways of preparing and cooking meals.

For greater cooking output, ASKO OP8678G Pyrolytic Multi-Functional Ovens can be coupled side by side or above and below, embedded as wall ovens that create an entertaining showpiece. The ovens can also be combined with other standout ASKO appliances such as a steam oven, combi oven or microwave oven for exponential increase of cooking potential and capacity. Satisfying the cravings and dietary needs of everyone is again possible thanks to ASKO. Pyrolytic Multi-Functional Oven features include:

·        Nineteen functions, programs and modes including multi-phase cooking, auto roast, plate warming and the ECO program for energy efficiency

·        Versatile and interactive touch-screen control panel to guide chefs during every stage of food preparation and cooking

·        Extra-large oven cavity, including 5 baking levels, to ensure all unexpected food cravings are satisfied and catering tasks are easily accomplished.

·        Sturdy manufacture, integrated side trims, metal components and tinted door glass all constructed to stand the test of time

·        Active oven cooling, kid safe lockable controls, pyroproof racks and plates plus dishwasher proofed accessories

ASKO Pyrolytic Ovens for everyday use

When maintained properly, top range appliances last for many years. ASKO pyrolytic ovens incorporate both pyrolytic and steam cleaning programs into oven design, taking guesswork out of the cleaning equation. Pyrolytic cleaning is thorough, leaving nothing but ash to brush away once the cleaning process is complete. Pyrolytic cleaning performed approximately once per month, depending on oven usage, will ensure the oven always looks and functions great.

Pyrolytic cleaning is inexpensive compared to old fashioned scrubbing and scraping methods using harsh cleaning solutions, rubber gloves and lots of elbow grease. Kitchen innovations that simplify cooking, save time, and deliver delicious results are guaranteed winners, and the ASKO OP8678G Pyrolytic Multi-Functional Oven incorporates the best technological innovations for quality, convenience and full satisfaction.

Product area: Kitchen
Installation type: Built-in
Market: Domestic
Range: Elements
Available colour: Black
Oven icons: Display Touch TFT, 5 Air Flow System, Oven volume - 71 L, Pyrolytic Self Clean, 3 telescopic fully extendable, Auto Roast, Eco

Construction & Performance

Hot air convection
Maximum oven temperature: 300 °C
Meat probe

Use & Flexibility

Oven lighting: Both sides
Oven useful volume (old energy label): 71 l
Fully extendible guides
Three levels of fully extendable telescopic guides
Number of trays and grids: 5
Glass frying pan(s)
1 deep tray
2 shallow trays

Interaction & Control

Digital display
Full colour display
Touch screen
TFT Pyro Magna

Programs, options and modes

Number of oven functions: 19
Number of cooking programs: 87
Lower heater
Lower heater BIO
Upper Heater
Lower and upper heater
Small infra heater
Large Infra Heater
Large infra heater with ventilation
Circular heater
Lower heater and fan
Lower heater with fan BIO
Defrost cooker
StayWarm function
Fast Preheat
Auto roast function

Design & Integration

Door material: Glass
Available colour: Black
Tinted door glass
Integration side trims
Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 59 × 56,4 × 55 cm

Safety & Maintenance

Dynamic oven cooling plus - DC+
GentleClose door hinge
Removable flat oven inner door glass surface
Pyrolytic cleaning
Pyroproof side racks

Technical data

Consumption in standby mode: 1 W
Energy class: A+
Oven consumption (conventional operation): 1 kWh
Oven consumption (venting operation): 0,69 kWh
Energy consumption conventional oven (old energy label): 0,94 kWh
Energy consumption forced air assisted oven (old energy label): 0,69 kWh
Connection rating: 3400 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50 Hz


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 59,5 × 59,5 × 54,6 cm
Net weight: 46,1 kg

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD): 70 × 66 × 70 cm
Gross weight: 51,3 kg
Product code: 507867
EAN code: 3838942072949