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Asko Super Cleaning System

No Pre-rinsing Required

Asko dishwasher super cleaning system

Never pre-rinse dishes again!

Asko Dishwashers do the pre-rinsing for you saving you time, water, energy and effort. 

Super Cleaning System+  removes food particles from the dishwasher before starting the main wash to give you a cleaner result.

How Super Cleaning System works

How does the Asko dishwasher super cleaning system work?

Our dual circulation system ensures a clean dishwasher and filter.

The dishwasher simultaneously sprays dishes and drains the water, so the dishes are not left sitting in dirty water for the next phase of the cycle.

Why is the dishwasher filter important?

Asko dishwasher super cleaning system filter

The ultra fine mesh filter ensures food easily flushes away without getting trapped in the holes when draining.

This also means the filter requires much less cleaning.