The perfect cooking assistant - Asko Appliances New Zealand

The Perfect Cooking Assistant

Asko Induction cooktops have six intelligent automatic functions to help make cooking easy

Boiling Function

Asko cooktop boiling function
Brings the pan to the boil (100oc) and beeps when ready for food to be added

Simmering Function

Asko cooktop simmering function
Maintains the temperature near boiling point (90-95oc)

Grilling Function

Asko cooktop grilling function
Gives you the right temperature for even grilling

Frying function

Asko cooktop frying function
Creates an optimal frying temperature and when ready for the ingredients

Wok Function

Asko cooktop wok function
Heats the oil and wok to the ideal temperature for cooking

Keep warm function

Asko cooktop keep warm function
Ensures your dish stays at the perfect temperature until ready to be served