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Twelve from ASKO - Cookbook

The key to success with any recipe is in the quality of the ingredients. However, at ASKO, we also believe that using top quality kitchen appliances designed to enhance your experience will not only make cooking more fun, but also help you achieve the very best results.

It was with these beliefs in mind that we created this book. A book which we hope will not only inspire you to cook, but also allow you to experience the ASKO philosophy and Scandinavian simplicity.

We hope you will enjoy the meals as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

Simple, tasty, and fun cooking with a Scandinavian twist!

Taste the Stockholm Hotel Classic, the Viking Burger, or the Lingonberry Pork, the recipes in this cookbook are a mixture of familiar recipes, variations on the traditional, and some completely new recipes - using traditional Scandinavian ingredients.

Twelve Cookbook