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All About Wok Cooking Magazine
Originating in China over 2000 years ago, Wok cooking is now seen widely around the world in different cuisines, so ASKO embarked on a quest for the “power” of the flame. We found it mainly in a good, hot core. 

We have used this knowledge to develop a unique product: the Fusion Volcano wok burner. This provides the power to be able to stir-fry food quickly over a high flame. 

In this magazine, we will tell you the story behind wok cooking, get some top wok chefs to reveal their secrets, look for the best techniques to use, and provide the smartest tips and finest recipes. We will ask the designer for his views and investigate why wok cooking is so healthy. In a nutshell, we will uncover every aspect of wok cooking. This will provide you with more than enough inspiration to grab a wok and spatula and start cooking delicious meals.
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